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Rome – Top Sights (Part 1)

If you're a people watcher like myself, this is the perfect place to come and sit and enjoy a coffee or indulge in a gelato while you soak up the relaxed atmosphere.

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Exploring Vatican City

Yesterday I booked online to join a tour visiting the Vatican, something which I hadn't actually been too keen on doing previously, but couldn't seem to find the right tickets for what I wanted to do without the tour guide option. I had the picture of some stuffy old man waffling on about things that… Continue reading Exploring Vatican City

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Sunshine, Sheep & Serenity

One of the things I like to do in my spare time and need a little time away from the crazy world, is to drive up to the Derbyshire Dales and soak up the peace and quiet in the valleys and rolling countryside. It's a truly beautiful area of the world and a place where… Continue reading Sunshine, Sheep & Serenity


Your Ultimate Packing List!

Whether travelling as part of a large group, a couple or going solo, we all have a little bit of a blind panic when we get to the airport in case we have forgotten something important. Who has the passports? Did we get enough currency? Did I pack my favourite pants? Oh, that last one's… Continue reading Your Ultimate Packing List!


Going solo

I have always been drawn to travel and adventures and I have been lucky to go to some really amazing places over the years and meet some truly incredible people. My mind and soul are both attracted to the idea of being on the road (could this be the blood of our distant gypsy relatives?)… Continue reading Going solo

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I ❤ my happy post from Birchbox! 

At the start of the year, I finally subscribed to my first Birchbox. A gorgeous little box choc full of beauty goodies to try out each month. Of course there are plenty of other subscription boxes put there, but I chose to go with Birchbox first and see how I got on. I think its… Continue reading I ❤ my happy post from Birchbox!